In The Shadow Of Sirius – Jennifer Murphy

On the 12th of October, 2019 in the autumn art season, an ambitious solo exhibition by Canadian artist Jennifer Murphy opened.
This is her fourth show with the gallery and is particularly notable for the scale of the new works. Throughout her career Murphy has sought to evoke the plenitude, wonder and interconnected web of relationships that make up the natural world. She has become known for collaging together, with a gossamer thread and bottomless patience, images of a bountiful flora and fauna that seems to harken from a bygone era, each one built up of smaller images that coalesce into a larger whole, be it an egret worthy of (or based upon) James Audubon, or a towering flower that dwarfs the viewer.
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Surrealist Dreamlands – yomagick

The main inspiration for this project comes from his travel to Asia, particularly Japan – Itsukushima Shrine. yomagick designer was very astonished by the idea of the Shrine placed in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

After his travel he decided to move to Barcelona where he also found a lot of inspiration in works of Salvador Dali and Joan Miro.

It’s his first project that is entirely made in 3d without any post-production.

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